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NHHS Rules & Regulations

Goals Guidelines & procedures


  1. Goals

  1. Provide an orderly, structure and safe environment for all students and staff.
  2. Provide continuity in the public educational setting for self pace scholars.
  3. To facilitate positive changes in the behavior of assigned students.
  4. To provide students training in coping and social skills in an effort to encourage more appropriate socialization.
  5. To provide all students re-teaching remediation and or practice appropriate TEKS to prepare the scholar for STAAR & EOC testing.
  6. To provide curriculum, current assignments via Apex and or paper copies.
  7. Assists in efforts to develop a climate where teachers can teach and students can continue to learn.


  1. Placement Time Frames

  1. Students will be assigned course work at a self pace but are expected to show continued progress (min.2 quizzes per class period).
  2. Persistant misbehaving can and will result in ISS or possible GAEP placement.
  3. Scholars will be expected to complete course(s) in order to graduate in a timely manner. Saturdays schools are offered throughout the year!


  1. Attendance

  1.  Arrival time is 8:00am and dismissal is at 3:40pm
  2. a Tardy is upto 20 mins after the of each period, and is counted absent after that timeframe.
  3. Entrance is located facing the back, that is the only entrace one must use.
  4. Breakfast is not served for student(s) who arrive later than 8:0AM.
  5.  Truancy will be filed on students who receive 3 or more absences within a 4-week period. (3 tardies =  1 absence)


  1. Criminal Trespassing

A student assigned to NHHS are not permitted to be on any school property other than “NHHS” during normal school hours. 


vi. Dress code Policy

Students are required to abide by the GISD Standardized Dress Policy. Failure to do so is considered a violation of the student conduct code and may be asked to change,be placed in ISS or sent home.

vii. Riding the bus

Student have the privilege of riding the bus. Any misbehavior will be  Written up by the Bus Administrators and could/ will be suspended from this privilige. 

viii. Vehicles on Campus

Students with a valid Texas Driver’s License may drive to school. Students must be responsible and safe while driving. Students who drive are required to park in the student / visitor parking lot. These students are not allowed, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, be allowed to loiter in their vehicle before or after school. 

NHHS is a closed campus, students are NOT allowed to leave and return for lunch or to run errands. Any scholar leaving without permission will recieve a call to guardiand and have consequences. 

  • Upon arrival in the morning students must immediately exit their vehicle and report to the building.
  • Upon departure in the afternoons, students must immediately safely leave the premises.   

Students who fail to comply with this policy can and will have their driving privileges revoked by the administrator(s).

ix. Searches

 students are subject to daily and/or discretionary searches. In the interest of promoting safety and attempting to ensure that the campus is safe and drug free. the district officials may conduct searches at any time deemed necessary. Such searches are and will be conducted without a warrant and as permitted by law.


xi. Electronic devices and Games (Phones, iPod, smartwatches, cameras, etc.)

Students are not permitted to possess any electronic devices. Cell phones brought to school will be held and locked away upon arrival and returned at the end of the day. Student caught with such devices during the school day will be charged $15.00. Failure to abide by this rule is also in direct violation of the student code of conduct. 

xii. Vandalism

The taxpayers of this community have made a sustained financial commitment to the construction and the upkeep of these facilities. To ensure that school facilities can serve as they are intended; littering, defacing or damage of any sort will not be tolerated. Students will be required to pay for damages they cause and will be subject to criminal proceedings as well as disciplinary consequences in accordance with the student code of conduct.